The Life and Art of Samuel Bak Lesson Plan


Students will examine the role and meaning of artwork created during the Holocaust; use visual literacy skills to explore the life and art of Holocaust survivor and artist Samuel Bak; and develop Fine Arts Projects based on central themes found in Bak’s work.


Artwork is a powerful medium that invites its viewer to explore history and modern day society from unique perspectives. Through art, we are able to catch glimpses of how broader historical events impact and transform individuals, societies, and cultures; observe and recognize how universal themes and experiences interwoven throughout history relate to society today; and expand our world view through cross-cultural connections that foster empathy, compassion, and appreciation.

In this lesson, students will use art as a framework for learning about the history of the Holocaust and its historical legacies. At the conclusion of this lesson, students will have the opportunity to create their own artwork based on what they learned.




Middle School Social Studies – Grade 6: 1 (A, B); 18 (B, D); 21 (A, B, C, E); 22 (C, D, E)
Art – Middle School 1: 1 (A, B, D); 2 (A, C); 3 (A, B); 4 (A, B)
High School World History: 1 (F); 12 (B); 29 (A, B, C, D); 30 (C) Art – Level 1: 1 (B, C, D); 2 (A, D, F); 3 (A, B); 4 (A, B)