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3G HTX creates an outlet for Holocaust remembrance and education in Houston, focusing on the perspective of grandchildren and great grandchildren of survivors.

Mission and Vision

3G HTX empowers descendants of Holocaust survivors to honor, preserve, and transmit the legacies of our families through education, dialogue, and the collective commitment to remembrance, ensuring the enduring impact of Holocaust history on future generations.

We are a living link to the Holocaust

Our generation is the last living link to survivors. We ensure that future generations will hear stories of our grandparents’ survival. We provide the legacy, testimony and context for how this event is viewed and discussed today.

Join us as we explore our shared history and bring together anyone who is committed to “Never Forget” and “Never Again.”

What does the acronym 3G HTX stand for? 3G stands for the third generation since the Holocaust, which consists mostly of grandchildren and younger children of Holocaust survivors. The term was derived from “2G,” a term children of survivors have used to describe their generation.