Survivors Journeys

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Mela Zwecker arriving in the United States with a group of children aboard the SS Ernie Pyle. She is standing behind the railing, sixth from left.

The successes of survivors who moved to Houston shortly after liberation are illustrated through artifacts and photographs on loan from the survivors and their families. “Survivors’ Journeys” includes family photographs and artifacts chronicling the lives of several Houston survivors, including Edith and Josef Mincberg; Bill Orlin; Al Marks; Leon Cooper; Wolf Finkelman; Glenn Bermann; Bill Morgan; Inge-Ruth Fletcher; Jacob and Rose Eisenstein; Stefi Altman; Ruth Brown; Morris and Linda Penn; Louise and Rubin Joskowitz; Sigmund, Sol, and Max Jucker; Walter Kase; Ruth Steinfeld; Lea Weems; Helen Colin; Charles Kurt and many others. These individuals survived tragic experiences early in their lives — losing loved ones, being forced to hide their identities, suffering through concentration camps and death camps, and then waiting in displaced persons camps for the chance at a new life. Yet, those who survived and came to America to begin anew came with a desire to put the past behind them and make up for the lost years of their lives. Their stories are an inspirational part of the Museum’s 10th anniversary celebration.

This exhibit is guest-curated by Jenna B. Leventhal.

March 5, 2006 - September 17, 2006

Mincberg Gallery

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