Helen Colin Speak Out for Tolerance Endowed Scholarship

Holocaust Museum Houston is pleased to offer a scholarship for high school juniors that raises awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides. This scholarship of $500.00 will be awarded to a student who creates a project that shows the importance of being vigilant against hatred and speaking out instead of remaining silent. The requirements for the project are listed below:

  • The student must be a full time student in the 11th grade whose school is located within the Region 4 Education Service Center area (see http://www.esc4.net/).
  • The applicant must submit a written description of a social justice project that will be carried out during their senior year.
  • The project focus is to raise awareness of the Holocaust, genocide, or other human rights issues. Projects can take many forms, such as creating a video, forming a school club, hosting an event, creating art, etc…
  • The project must be completed by May of their senior year.

Applications must be received by May 10, 2024. The project descriptions will be reviewed by our committee, and award announcements will be made in June 2024. The scholarship is a one-time award of $500 and is being presented with the generous support from the Helen Colin Speak Out for Tolerance Scholarship Endowment Fund. The recipient will receive the award at the completion of the project, which must occur by May 2025.

For more information, please contact the Museum at education@hmh.org or 713-527-1652.

Submissions can be sent by mail to:

Helen Colin Speak Out for Tolerance Scholarship
Holocaust Museum Houston
Lester and Sue Smith Campus
5401 Caroline Street
Houston, TX 77004

Fax 713-527-1652
Attn: Helen Colin Scholarship

Or email: