HMH at Home Ep. 2: What Are Human Rights?

HMH Educator Amy Frake and Librarian Jenna Norris walk you through Week 2 of our HMH at Home video series. This week covers the concept of human rights, including an activity in which students and families are challenged to design their own society on the moon and decide what rights everyone will have.


Challenge question: Why are human rights important?

Format: Fiction and non-fiction, including (but not limited to) short story, poetry (any type), persuasive essay, memoir, song, personal essay, play

Language: English or Spanish

Length: Up to six pages

You must be between the ages of 12 and 19 to submit.

Due: submit your essay between June 19 and July 24

How to submit: By email or by mail (address below)

Holocaust Museum Houston
Lester and Sue Smith Campus
5401 Caroline St., Houston, TX