25 Quotes from Survivors, Supporters & Docents


“Holocaust Museum Houston is an important educational center to remind people that hatred, apathy and prejudice can lead to disasters, like the Holocaust, and that ALL must learn to live in peace.”
– Dr. Anna Steinberger

“It is important to understand that big changes, the kind that transform the way human beings handle being human, start with small changes.”
– Naomi Warren, z”l

“Holocaust Museum Houston keeps the memory of the 6 million Jews, including 1.5 million children, and other innocent victims alive.”
– Bill Orlin

“The Museum bears witness that ordinary people were capable of extraordinary deeds that made the survival of a little girl like me possible.”
– Chaja Verveer

“I was able to come forward as a Survivor because of Holocaust Museum Houston. I never talked about it until the Museum gave me the courage.”
– Rosine Chappell

“As a survivor I am proud of Holocaust Museum Houston, dedicated to teach and show the devastating results of Hate, Bullying and Discrimination.”
– Ben Waserman

“Holocaust Museum Houston is the House of Love, because you remove hate from people’s heart and replace it with love through education.”
– Bill Morgan

“Change isn’t happening fast enough for men. You must make it happen faster. When you see injustice happening, stand up!”
– Walter Kase, z”l


“We share the Museum’s mission to leave a mark of remembrance, in the hope of peace, tolerance and understanding to all who enter its doors.”
– Sue and Lester, z”l Smith

“Supporting the Museum is a reminder to all of the dangers that prejudice, hatred and violence brought during the Holocaust.”
– Rhona and Bruce Caress

“Holocaust Museum Houston has a sacred task – to ensure that what happened never happens again.”
– Joan and Stanford Alexander

“It is our responsibility to inspire future generations to stand up against hatred, prejudice, and evil.”
– Kisha and Jason Itkin

“The lessons of the Holocaust are not Jewish, but universal. And unfortunately, the lessons remain relevant today.”
– Sunni and Gary Markowitz

“The world has become more intolerant and Holocaust Museum Houston has many excellent programs that will change this and will help eliminate antisemitism from our society.”
– Laurie and Dr. Milton Boniuk

“We honor lost loved ones by sharing the lessons of their past to ensure a better future for all.”
– Judy and Mark Mucasey

“This museum gives voice to the survivors and those who lost their lives, so that we will never forget and continue the holy mission of teaching future generations the lessons of the Holocaust.”
– Ira Mitzner and Dr.
Riva Collins

“It is important to join the many that desire for mankind to never forget now and in the future, what took place.”
– Elaine and Marvy Finger


“Through Holocaust Museum Houston, I have made many dear friends, expanded my points of view and shared connections with so many wonderful people.”
– Sandi Hedrick

“As a docent, I am proud to help further the mission of HMH to educate people about the Holocaust and to use the lessons of the Holocaust to teach the dangers of hatred, prejudice, and apathy. I can think of no better way to honor the memory of the 6 million Jews, the other victims and the legacy of the survivors.”
– Rhoda Goldberg

“HMH is important to me because it is the embodiment of not only remembering Holocaust survivors but also on focusing on human rights, diversity, and inclusion.”
– Sylvia Wagman

“Being a docent, I have the chance to be an Upstander. I have the chance to teach students, our future, the results of apathy and hatred. It is my chance to make a difference in the world.”
– Diane Merrill

“I always end my tour of the Holocaust Gallery with a question: ‘What is the message that the Holocaust survivors who made Houston their home want you to take with you after your visit today?’ When they answer, ‘be kind to one another’ and ‘treat everyone with respect’ and ‘know each person is special’—I see that my guests understand the power and importance of this museum.”
– Hy Penn

At the end of each tour: “I hope that you have changed today. I hope that when you see someone being treated unfairly, you will feel compelled to say something because of what you’ve seen today. I hope you know that we all have a responsibility and we each have a responsibility to mean it when we say Never Again.”
– Yvonne Upchurch

“To me, the Museum means taking responsibility for the future of our community.”
– Daniel Pickelner

“At HMH I am always reminded of our shared humanity and my responsibility to defend those who are disadvantaged and discriminated against. It helps me remember that small actions can make a big difference in making our communities safe for all people.”
– Lauren Campbell