25 Quotes from Educators, Students and Visitors

“Congratulations to Holocaust Museum Houston for 25 years of service to the Greater Houston Community! HMH has played an integral role in 8th grade programming at the Fort Bend ISD GT Academy over the years by opening their doors for annual field trips and through the creative lessons on social justice and “upstanders” during the holocaust led by the Educators in Motion. HMH is a powerful resource that engages our learners in critical discussions that promote the protection of human rights as well as the impact we as humans have on one another. Our students are better citizens thanks to Holocaust Museum Houston!”

– Kamilah Holmes, GT Academy Coordinator, Fort Bend ISD, Missouri City, Texas

“Holocaust Museum Houston has provided me with a wealth of educational opportunities through programs such as the Max Kaplan Summer Institute for Teachers and the Alfred Lerner Fellowship program. I have been able to create meaningful lessons for my students that has provided them with a much deeper understanding of the Holocaust and the lessons it has to teach us as human beings.”

– Paula Miller, World History/Holocaust Studies teacher, The Woodlands High School

“My students learned about the experience of young people during the Holocaust and how people struggled to survive. They learned that the voices of those lost need to be heard and shared to prevent this from happening again.”

– Adriana Salinas, Chavez HS

“My students learned more about being an upstander by using kindness, empathy, and inclusion. They are continuing to grow and form these habits.”

– Richland Dunham, de Santiago Primary School, Aldine ISD

“The Educator in Motion program is an invaluable service that provides my kids with an opportunity that they would otherwise not get to experience. The lesson is interactive and interesting my students LOVE it!!!”

– Crosby Middle School, Hitchcock ISD

Thank you so much for supporting my students education. We get such limited time to teach all the materials and the Educator in Motion program does SUCH an amazing job and really keeps the kids engaged. Most importantly, it helps the kids become more empathetic and tolerant towards people who are different which is the most important thing I want them to learn from my class.”

– Christina Silva, Dawson High School, Pearland ISD


“I remember visiting Holocaust Museum Houston in grade school for a field trip. I have a vivid memory of gathering in the railcar and even at such young age, was overcome with a deep sense of empathy. Still, 17 years after my first visit, Holocaust Museum Houston remains a staple in our city that serves as a strong reminder of the impact and relevance of the Holocaust, especially as it pertains to our city.”

– Abby A.

“Holocaust Museum Houston is one of Houston’s rich cultural treasures. From the permanent exhibits to the special exhibition throughout the year visitors are sure to learn about various struggles and hopefully leave inspired to be a better human being.”

– Mel A. P.

“Everybody should go to this museum at least once in their life. We all need to remember what people are capable of, and as human beings make sure that nothing like this is ever allowed to take place again.”

– Joseph Frybert

“If you take the time to read every inch of this museum, you will be changed.”

– J.C.

“A museum everyone needs to visit. We all need to learn of the atrocities and how to prevent them now and in the future.”

– Rodolfo Lopez

“Words cannot adequately describe this place. One must simply go and spend a day here, especially since they finished a massive remodeling and expansion of this museum. It was well worth it.”

– Randy Borow

“The exhibition space, while somberly beautiful, will guide learning and help nourish empathy in visitors from all walks of life with a powerful message.”

– G

“HMH is a must visit to learn more about this atrocity. History that is needed to be witnessed by all.”

– August Kincaid

“Everyone should visit this museum. So important to never forget the evil that happened and the strength and resilience of the Holocaust Survivors.”

– Monique Nemeth

“Investing your time or money into the Holocaust Museum is a statement of what you believe and carrying the lessons that the Holocaust taught us into real world actions is a statement of how you stand up for others as well as yourself.”

– Brian Block

“Great museum on the history of the Holocaust. So much history in there.”

– Juan Celestial

“Very well documented chronology of the events. My daughters liked the human rights section. It helped them understand that it’s not only my rights by the rights of others that will make this a better world.”

– Miguel Toriz

“Amazing experience, very knowledgeable and welcoming volunteers. The exhibits and videos from Houston area Holocaust Survivors is a nice touch, connecting the events of the Holocaust to Houston.”

– Paul Navejar