Lester and Sue Smith Human Rights Gallery

The Lester and Sue Smith Human Rights Gallery will be a primary tool in the teaching and outreach efforts of Holocaust Museum Houston. Human rights are at the heart of the Museum; exhibits and curriculum guides focus on human rights questions and modern issues.

The Gallery features a Interfaith Pool of Reflection, part of The Boniuk Center for the Future of Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Studies. This beautiful, tranquil space will lend itself to meditation and reflection, encouraging visitors to take the time to quietly think through the challenges that face us, as well as the solutions we can compassionately reach.

The Gallery also features the Call to Action exhibit, “What Can We Do?”. We will seek to engage visitors to understand the lessons explored at the Museum. Visitors are asked to think critically, understanding intricate and age-old problems. Holocaust Museum Houston challenges children and adults to engage with one another, and the outside world, to understand their calling relative to these social ills, and the choices that one single person can make to turn the tide and combat hatred and prejudice.

Permanent Exhibiton

M – F: 9 am to 5 pm
Sa: 10 am to 5 pm
Su: Noon to 5 pm

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