Venue Rental

Rental Packages

As the fourth largest Holocaust museum in the country, Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) provides a unique experience for guests. In addition to world-class exhibits and cutting-edge galleries, the L.E.E.D. certified 57,000 square-foot facility features state-of-the-art classrooms, reception areas, a 198-seat theater, and an amphitheater for events and meetings.

Rental Packages

Butterfly Package*
Located on the second floor, the Moral Choices Hall proudly features our beloved Jerold B. Katz Family Butterfly Loft featuring an artistic butterfly sculpture and handmade butterfly display in memory of the 1.5 million children who perished during the Holocaust. This eye-catching structure offers an extraordinary setting for receptions. Alongside the Moral Choices Hall, guests may visit the captivating Samuel Bak Gallery, the only Bak gallery in the United States featuring 130 unique paintings.  

  • Theater-style Capacity: 150 max (Moral Choices Hall); 20 max (Samuel Bak Gallery)
  • Table Seated Capacity: 100 max (Moral Choices Hall)
  • Standing Capacity: 200 max (Moral Choices Hall); 50 max (Samuel Bak Gallery)
  • Pricing: $3,000 (4-hour rental; evening only)

Exemplars Package
Guests privately experience the Bearing Witness: A Community Remembers Holocaust Gallery and the Human Rights Gallery. As the only Holocaust Museum with a permanent Human Rights gallery, this setting features an Interfaith Pool of Reflection, offering your guests a peaceful and reflective setting ideal for speaker presentations and panel discussions. Guests may also visit the Morgan Family Welcome Center, which offers guests an interactive space with bench seating for presentations and film screenings.      

  • Theater-style Capacity: 100 max (Human Rights Gallery)
  • Standing Capacity: 200 max (Human Rights Gallery); 120 max (Bearing Witness)
  • Pricing: $1,500 (4-hour rental; evening only)

Hope Package*
Providing a unique experience for guests, the Hope Package offers exclusive access to all first-floor galleries and the Moral Choices Hall for a reception.  

  • Theater-style Capacity: 150 max (Moral Choices Hall)
  • Table Seated Capacity: 100 max (Moral Choices Hall)
  • Standing Capacity: 200 max (Moral Choices Hall); 400 max (First Floor Galleries)
  • Pricing: $7,000 (4-hour rental; evening only)

Upstander Package*
Rent the Museum for a night and present your guests with an evening being captivated by an exquisite butterfly structure in the Moral Choices Hall as they enjoy food and beverages. Private access to the entire Museum will allow your guests to partake in captivating galleries with gallery hosts available to compliment guests’ experiences with behind-the-scenes information and unique details about the galleries.  

  • Theater-style Capacity: 150 max (Moral Choices Hall)
  • Table Seated Capacity: 100 max (Moral Choices Hall)
  • Standing Capacity: 200 max (Moral Choices Hall); 1,213 max (entire facility)
  • Pricing: $10,500 (4-hour rental; evening only)

Event Spaces

Samuel Bak Gallery & Learning Center
Immersed with fascinating art, the Samuel Bak Gallery and Learning Center In Loving Memory of Hope Silber Kaplan is ideal for speakers and panel discussions. Holocaust Museum Houston is the only repository in the United States for Bak’s intriguing and historic artwork.

  • Theater-style Capacity: 20 max Standing Capacity: 50 max
  • Pricing: $1,800 (4-hour rental)

Lorraine and Ed Wulfe Board Room*
Our Lorraine and Ed Wulfe Board Room is the perfect setting for group presentations, workshops, seminars, team meetings and even receptions.

  • Table Seated Capacity: 35 max
  • Standing Capacity: 150 max
  • Pricing: $450 (4-hour rental), $800 (full day)

Classrooms (up to 4 available)*
Holocaust Museum Houston offers four state-of-the-art classrooms with movable walls, allowing this multi-purpose space to transform from 1 to 4 classrooms. These classrooms are appropriate for trainings, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions.

  • Classroom Capacity: 40 max per classroom, 120 total
  • Theater-style Capacity: 75 max per classroom, 300 total
  • Table Seated Capacity: 50 max per classroom, 200 total
  • Standing Capacity: 60 max per classroom, 250 total
  • Pricing: $200 (4 hours rental), $400 (full day) per classroom (up to 4 available) 

Eric Alexander Outdoor Amphitheater*
The Eric Alexander Outdoor Amphitheater features a unique outdoor venue great for live performances, receptions and more. Your guests may enjoy a beautiful evening in the tranquil Eric Alexander Garden of Hope, the Kisha and Jason Itkin Partisan Forest and the Garden of Righteousness.

  • Theater-style Capacity: 177 max
  • Standing Capacity: 177 max
  • Pricing: $750 (4-hour rental), $1,200 (full day)

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Theater
The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Theater and Mady and Ken Kades Stage offers state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities, theatrical staging, lighting and sound capabilities, and wheelchair accessibility. Spacious yet intimate, our fully-equipped theater is perfect for film screenings, live performances, seminars, presentations, concerts and panel discussions.

  • Theater-style Capacity: 198 max including accessible seating
  • Pricing: $2,800 (4-hour rental, evening only, day availability may vary)

*Asterisk denotes food and/or beverages are allowed in designated area(s) only.

Additional Museum Benefits

Holocaust Museum Houston’s rental packages allow for unique customization to make your event a success. HMH is proud to offer the following add-on benefits to all rental packages:

  • Private, docent-led tours are available for groups
  • Exclusive curator-led tour of artifacts’ vault
  • Musuem representative to speak to your group during your event
  • Museum Membership discounts available for event guests
  • Opportunity to incorporate event favors and/or takeways from the HMH Store carefully selected by HMH staff for both children and/or adult guests
  • In lieu of event favors, a donation on behalf of your guests may be incorporated as well