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Genealogy Research Guide

The purpose of this research guide is to provide library resources that will assist visitors in exploring additional information on various Holocaust- and genocide-related topics. The research guide is created using materials that are located in Holocaust Museum Houston library collections. This guide is not meant to be exhaustive. The annotations provided will help users determine the materials' focus and library location. These materials may also be found in a local public or university library. Contact your local library or librarian for assistance in locating materials.

To begin genealogy research on Holocaust survivors or victims, try to find as much information from family documents or living relatives. Verify the name of the person and town names and locations, keeping in mind that there might be a European spelling and an American spelling. Contact the International Tracing Service to request a search. An online request can be made at www.its-arolsen.org/en/humanitarian_requests/index.html. Write to the town archive repositories or camps to locate records on your person.  

General Resources

How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff
Avotaynu 1995
This is an excellent book to get you started in researching Holocaust victims and survivors. The book contains information on beginning the research process for families affected by the Holocaust. Also, the book lists various organizations that have resources that can be used for genealogy research. 
REF D804.3 .M65 1995 – In Reference Collection
Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 2000, by United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in cooperation with American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 2000
This multivolume registry is primarily of Jewish Holocaust survivors, but other survivors may register, if interested. It includes members of the second and third generations.
REF D804 .N37 2000 v. 1 – In Reference Collection

From Generation to Generation: How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Personal History, by Arthur Kurzweil
William Morrow and Company 1980
This book provides research strategies and resources that are specific to Jewish genealogy. It includes bibliographical references and an index.
REF CS21 .K87 1980 - In Reference Collection

The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy, by Kimberly Powell
Adams Media 2008
This source provides information on how to conduct a search, what information is and is not online and on locating and using public records.
REF CS16 .P68 2008 – In Reference Collection

The Everything Family Tree Book: Finding, Charting and Preserving Your Family History, by William G. Hartley
Adams Media 1998
This book explains the process to locate resources (e.g., diaries or speaking to relatives) to document your family tree. The book also provides resources to organizations that can assist you in creating your family tree. 
REF CS16 .H35 1998 – In Reference Collection
Holocaust: Sound Archive Oral History Recordings, compiled and edited by Joanna Lancaster and Richard McDonough, by Lancaster, Joanna; McDonough, Richard; Imperial War Museum (Great Britain). Sound Archive
Trustees of the Imperial War Museum 2000
This is a catalog of the Imperial War Museum’s Sound Archive. The catalog contains participants' names and summaries of their testimonies. The Sound Archive contains interviews with Holocaust survivors, refugees, families of the executed and survivors, aid workers and troops who liberated concentration camps.
REF D804.19 .H65 2000 – In Reference Collection

The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust, by Israel Gutman (ed.)
Yad Vashem 2004
This multi-volume compilation documents individuals who risked their lives to save Jews. Many of the entries list the Jewish individuals that were assisted by the rescuers.
REF D804.65 .E5313 FRANCE – In Reference Collection

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, by Shmuel Spector
New York University Press 2001
This three-volume dictionary documents Jewish communities that were destroyed during the Holocaust. 
REF DS135 .E8 E45 2001 v.1 – In Reference Collection

Where Once We Walked: A Guide to the Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff; Sallyann Amdur Sack
Avotaynu 2002
This gazetteer documents Jewish towns in Central and Eastern Europe before the Holocaust. The guide contains town names and alternate names, town latitude/longitude and population statistics. There is a phonetic index to locate towns that may have multiple spellings.
REF DS135 .E83 M65 2002 – In Reference Collection

Encyclopedia of Genocide, by Israel W. Charny, editor in chief; forewords by Desmond M. Tutu and Simon Wiesenthal 
This multi-volume encyclopedia contains alphabetical entries that define names, places and events associated with genocide. Major sections deal with the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust and the process, detection, denial and prevention of genocide. 
REF HV6322.7 .E53 1999 v. 1 – In Reference Collection


The Twentieth Train: The True Story of the Ambush of the Death Train to Auschwitz, by Marion Schreiber; with a foreword by Paul Spiegel; translated by Shaun Whiteside
Grove Press 2003
This book includes the appendix "The Deportees."
DS135 .B4 S3813 2003 – In General Collection


Additif au Memorial de la Deportation des Juifs de France : Le Proces de Cologne, by Serge  Klarsfeld; Memorial de la Deportation des Juifs de France.; Fils et filles des Deportes Juifs de France; Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
Beate Klarsfel Foundation 1980
These books contain a large majority of names of all the victims in France, their nationalities, ages, and birthplaces. They also contains detailed history of each deportation convoy and the arrival at the extermination camps. (In French).
REF DS135 .F83 K42 1980 – In Reference Collection
REF DS135 .F83 K4313 1983 – In Reference Collection

Le Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France, by Serge Klarsfeld
Klarsfeld 1978
These books contain a large majority of names of all the victims in France, their nationalities, ages and birthplaces. They also contain a detailed history of each deportation convoy and the arrival at the extermination camps. (In French and English). 
REF DS135 .F83 K43 1978 – In Reference Collection

French Children of the Holocaust: A Memorial, by Serge Klarsfeld; Susan Sarah Cohen; Howard M. Epstein
New York University Press 1996
This book includes names and addresses of 11,000 children deported from France, as well as convoy histories and photographs and biographies of 2,500 children.
REF DS 135 .F83 K43313 1996 – In Reference Collection

Le Manuscrit de Cayeux-sur-Mer: Juillet-aout 1945, by Denise Holstein; prexface de Serge Klarsfeld; entretiens avec Raymond Riquier; etude historique de Francoise Bottois
Fondation pour la Memoire de la Shoah 2008
This document includes registers of Jews deported from Rouen (p. 207-[222]). (In French).
DS135 .F9 H66 2008 – In General Collection
Journal de Route: 14 Mars - 9 Mai, 1945, by Jean Oppenheimer
Le Manuscrit 2006
This document includes a patient list from Auschwitz Block 10. (In French).
DS135 .F9 O67 2006 – In General Collection
Mes Vingt Ans a l'OSE 1941-1961, by Jenny Masour-Ratner
Le Manuscrit 2006
This document Includes names of individuals that were part of l’OSE who did not survive. (In French).
DS135 .F9 M37 2006 – In General Collection

Le Camp de la Mort Lente: Compiegne, 1941-1942, by Jean-Jacques Bernard
Le Manuscrit 2006
This book includes a list of those that died in Camp Compiegne. (In French).
DS 135.F9 B4 – In General Collection


Gedenkbuch: Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der Nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945 / (bearbeitet vom Bundesarchiv, Koblenz und dem Internationalen Suchdienst, Arolsen), by Bundesarchiv (Germany); International Tracing Service; Bundesarchiv (Germany)
Bundesarchiv 1986
This two-volume compilation includes information on more than 128,000 German Jews who died in the Holocaust, including birthplaces and birth dates.
REF D804.3 .G43 1986 v.1 – In Reference Collection

Death books from Auschwitz: Remnants, by Jerzy Debski, Panstwowe Muzeum, Oswiecim-Brzezinka
K.G. Saur 1995
This book contains entries for the death dates of Auschwitz prisoners from July 27, 1941 to Dec. 31, 1943 based on original records kept by the SS authorities of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and death camp.
REF D805 .P7 D35 1995 v. 1 – In Reference Collection 

Zanim Odeszli: Fotografie Odnalezione w Auschwitz (Before They Perished: Photographs Found in Auschwitz), by Kersten Brandt, Hanno Loewy, Krystyna  Oleksy, Panstwowe Muzeum, Oswiecim-Brzezinka
Pantswowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau 2001
These photographs were brought to Auschwitz by Jewish families who were in the camp. Many of the photos name the families pictured. The photos are part of the Auschwtiz-Birkenau State Museum.
REF D805.5 .A96 Z2613 2001 v. 1 – In Reference Collection

Biographisches Handbuch der Deutschsprachigen Emigration Nach 1933, by Cherausgegeben Vom Institut fr Zeitgeschichte Mnchen und von der Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration, Inc., New York; Unter der Gesamtleitung von Werner Rder und Herbert A. Strauss
K.G. Saur 1983
This multi-volume biographical dictionary documents the displacement of population, in the fields of arts, sciences and literature, from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia during 1933 to 1945 due to the Nazi regime.
REF DD68 .B52 1983 v. 1 – In Reference Collection

Holocaust of Estonian Jews 1941, by Eugenia Gurin-Loov
Eesti Juudi Kogukond 1994
This book documents the fate of Estonian Jews during World War II. Using archival materials and interviews, the author created statistical tables with names of families killed from 1941 to 1942.
REF DS135 .E73 G87 1994 – In Reference Collection

The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, by Ann Weiss
W. W. Norton 2001
This album contains 400 photos from Auschwitz-Birkenau. The majority of the photos have family names attributed to them.
REF DS135 .E89 L37 2001 – In Reference Collection

Register of Jewish Survivors, by the Jewish Agency for Palestine; Search Bureau for Missing Relatives
The Agency 1945
This is a register of Holocaust survivors.
SPC D810 .J4 J315 1945 VOL II – In Special collections

Monumenta Judaica: 2000 Jahre Geschichte und Kultur der Juden am Rhein; Handbuch, by Im Auftrage der Stadt Koln; herausgegeben von Konrad Schilling
Druckerei J.P. Bachem KG 1963
This book includes the “Personenregister." (In German).
DS135 .G4 R46 1964 Ger – In General Collection

Hakenkreuz und Judenstern: Das Schicksal der Karlsruher Juden im Dritten Reich, by Josef Werner
Badenia 1988
This book includes the “Personenregister." (In German).
DS135 .G4 K368 1988 Ger – In General Collection

Judische Geschichte in Berlin: (Ausstellung der Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, Berlin im Auftrag der Stiftung "Neue Synagoge Berlin - Centrum Judaicum), Neue Synagoge, Berlin-Mitte 8 Mai 1995 to 31 Jan. 1996) herausgegeben von Reinhard Rurup
Edition Hentrich 1995
Vol. 1, Bilder und Dokumente; Vol. 2, Essays und Studien. Includes "Personenregister".  (In German).
DS135 .G4 B45447 1995 Ger Vol.1 – In General Collection
Juden in Berlin, 1671-1945: Ein Lesebuch mit Beitragen von Annegret Ehmann... et al.
Nicolai 1988
This book includes the “Personenregister." (In German).
DS135 .G4 B45445 1988 Ger – In General Collection

Flucht in Den Mythos: Die Deutschnationale Volkspartei und die Niederlage von 1918, by Annelise Thimme
Vandenhoecke & Ruprecht 1969
This book includes the “Personenregister." (In German).
JN3970 .V6 T44 1969 Ger – In General Collection

Zur Geschichte der Seligenstadter Juden aus Documenten und Berichten, by Marcellin P. Spahn
Der Magistrat der Stadt Selingestadt 1986
This book includes a register of Jews from Selingenstadt (p. 154-165). (In German).
DS135 .G4 S447 1986 – In General Collection


Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland: A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-1947, by Lucjan Dobroszycki; Yivo Institute for Jewish Research
M.E. Sharpe 1994
Using Jewish community records, this book documents the post-war Jewish population in Poland.
REF DS 135 .P6 D63 1994 – In Reference Collection

The Ghetto Anthology: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Extermination of Jewry in Nazi Death Camps and Ghettos in Poland, by Mogilanski, Roman, 1913-1982; Grey, Benjamin; American Congress of Jews from Poland and Survivors of Concentration Camps
American Congress of Jews from Poland and Survivors of Concentration Camps 1985
This anthology lists Polish cities, towns and villages that contained ghettos and camps.
REF DS 135 .P6 M58 1985 – In Reference Collection
Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories, by Miriam Weiner; Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Panstwowych
Miriam Weiner Routes to Roots Foundation 1997
This inventory of the Polish State Archives, Jewish Historical Institute Archives, Urzad Stanu Cywilngo Archives, Majdanek Archives and Auscwitz-Birkenua Archives is accessible by town name and repository.
REF DS135 .P6 W37 1997 – In Reference Collection

Lives Remembered: A Shtetl Through a Photographer's Eye, by Jeffrey  Shandler
Museum of Jewish Heritage 2002
This book contains more than 300 photographs of the town of Szczuczyn, Poland. The photos document the town and residents. The residents are identified in the photos.
REF DS 135 .P62 S8955 2002 – In Reference Collection

Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, by Andrzej Multanowski
Jewish Cemetery Gesia Foundation 2002
This register lists 13 individuals buried in the Warsaw cemetery.
REF DS135 .P62 W25947 2002 – In Reference Collection

Scream the Truth at the World: Emanuel Ringelblum and the Hidden Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, by Emanuel Ringelblum
Museum of Jewish Heritage 2001
The Ringelblum archive contains documents from individuals who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto. The book contains a representative selection from the archive.
REF DS135 .P62 W3378 2001 – In Reference Collection

From a Ruined Garden: The Memorial Books of Polish Jewry, by Jack  Kugelmass, Jonathan Boyarin, Zachary M. Baker, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Indiana University Press 1995
This anthology contains stories extracted from yizkor (memorial) books.
DS135 .L53 O83613 1995 – In General Collection

Values, Belief and Survival: Dr Elkhanan Elkes and the Kovno Ghetto, a Memoir by Joel Elkes 
Vale Publishing 1997
This book includes an index of names.
DS135 .L52 K385 1997 – In General Collection

Kronika Getta Warszawskiego: Wrzesien 1939-Styczen 1943, by Emanuel Ringelblum; wstep i redakcja Artur Eisenbach; przelozyl z jidisz Adam Rutkowski
Czytelnik 1983
This book includes "Indeks Nazwisk" (an index of names). (In Polish).
DS135 .P62 W3316 1983 Pol – In General Collection

On Both Sides of the Wall: Memoirs from the Warsaw Ghetto, by Vladka Meed (i.e., F.P. Miedzyrzecki); introduction by Elie Wiesel; translated by Dr. Steven Meed
Holocaust Library 1999
This includes indices of names and places.
DS135 .P62 W32413 1993 & 1999 – In General Collection

Between Tumbling Walls, by Tuvia Borzykowski; translated from the Yiddish by Mendel Kohansky
Hakkibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd. 1972
This includes an index of names.
DS135 .P62 W257413 1972

The Vanished City, by Michel Mazor; translated by David Jacobson
Marsilio Publishers 1993
On cover: "The Vanished City: Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto."  This book includes an index of names.
DS135 .P62 W3213 1993 – In General Collection

The Warsaw Ghetto Memoirs of Janusz Korczak, by Janusz Korczak; translated from the Polish with an introduction and notes by E.P. Kulawiec
University Press of America 1978
These memoirs include a list of the personnel of the orphans home murdered together with Korczak and the children.
DS135 .O62 W277613 1979 – In General Collection


Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories, by Weiner, Miriam; Ukraïnskyi derzhavnyi arkhiv; Arhiva Nationala a Republicii Moldovei
Yivo Institute for Jewish Archives
This is an inventory of Ukrainian and Moldovan state and branch archives. 
REF DS 135 .U4 W45 1999 – In Reference Collection

The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry, by Rabbi Ephraim Oshry; translated by Y. Leiman from the Yiddish book "Churbin Lita" by Ephraim Oshry, Y. Leiman
The Judaica Press Inc. 1995
This includes an index of names (includes town names).
DS 135 .L53 O83613 1998 – In General Collection

Jerusalem of Lithuania: The Rise and Fall of Jewish Vilnius: A Personal Perspective, by N.N. Shneidman
Mosaic Press 1998
This includes an index of names.
DS 135 .L52 V55695 1998 – In General Collection

Heroism & Bravery in Lithuania 1941-1945, by Alex Faitelson
Gefen Books 1996
Includes book includes a bibliography in Hebrew and an index of personal names.
DS135 .L52 K383713 1996 – In General Collection

A Secret Press in Nazi Europe: The Story of a Jewish United Partisan Organization, by Isaac Kowalski
Shengold Publishers Inc.
This book includes a selected bibliography and an index of persons, locations and organizations.
DS135 .R93 V553 1978 – In General Collection
Ghetto in Flames: The Struggle and Destruction of the Jews in Vilna in the Holocaust, by Yitzhak Arad
KTAV Publishing House Inc. 1981
This includes an index of places and an index of persons.
DS135 .R93 V39913 1981 – In General Collection

The Suicide of Europe: Memoirs of Prince Michel Sturdza, Former Foreign Minister of Rumania, by Prince Michel Sturdza
Western Islands 1968
This includes an index of people.
SPC DR264 .S7 1968 – In Special Collections

United States

When They Came to Take My Father: Voices of the Holocaust, by Mark Seliger; Leora Kahn; Rachel Hager
Holocaust Museum Houston 2007
This book contains biographical information and photographs on several survivors residing in the United States.
D804.3 .W453 2007 – In General Collection

Ten Years: Remembrance, Education, Hope, by Ellen Trachtenberg, et al.
Holocaust Museum Houston 2005
This book contains biographical information and photographs of several Houston survivors and their families.
REF D804.175 .H68 T46 2005

Guide to Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust: A Documentation Project of the Wisconsin Jewish Archives, by Sara Leuchter; Jean Loeb Lettofsky; Wisconsin Jewish Archives; State Historical Society of Wisconsin
State Historical Society of Wisconsin 1983
This is a guide of Wisconsin Holocaust survivors' oral testimonies and photographs.
REF E185 .J4 G85 1983 – In Reference Collection

Holocaust Survivors of South Jersey, Portraits of Resilience, edited by Maryann McLoughlin
ComteQ Pub. 2007
This book contains New Jersey Holocaust survivors' photographs with biographical information.
D804.195 .H65 2007 – In General Collection

Research Strategies

The terms below are Library of Congress subject headings. Using the terms in library catalogs and electronic search tools will retrieve relevant genealogy materials. 

  • Genealogy
  • Jews – Genealogy
  • Memorial Books (Holocaust) 
  • Yizkor
  • Nazi Persecution – Registers
  • Registers of dead
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) – Registers
  • Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) – Registers of dead
  • Holocaust survivors – Registers
Texas Holocaust Survivor Registry
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