Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013: from Prisoner to President with Apartheid Museum Director Christopher Till

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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: an extraordinary man and symbol of freedom whose name echoes around the world. Mandela was the subject of the exhibition, first shown at the Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg in 2008, in celebration of his 90th birthday. The Apartheid Museum continues to partner with institutions internationally to present iterations of this exhibition. The exhibition brings Mandela into focus by examining his ethos, humanity and legacy in a contemporary moment. His legacy has an enduring relevance today, as powerful as it was three decades since the moment of his and our freedom. The exhibition depicts the rise and fall of Apartheid, echoing the struggles of others across the globe and underlining the critical need to continually evaluate ourselves against present-day injustices.

This program is pre-recorded. Admission is free, but pre-registration is required. Donations are welcomed. 

October 8, 2020
6:30 — 7:30 pm
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