“Berlin Calling,” with Survivor Ben Waserman

As a child growing up in suburban Houston, Kastle Waserman always knew a big, dark cloud hung over her family, but her father never talked about his past. Later in life, she uncovered what happened to him during his childhood in the dark days of Berlin and the Holocaust. The documentary film, “Berlin Calling” follows Kastle on a journey of discovery through five cities – Berlin, Prague, Paris, Los Angeles and Houston. This amazing true account of one family in the big shadow of history’s most harrowing times reveals the emotional impact that is handed down through generations. Kastle is the daughter of Holocaust Survivor Ben Waserman of Houston. Waserman was a young teenager in war-torn Berlin. After his father was murdered by the Nazis, and with no papers, he went into hiding before being captured by the Nazis in 1943 and sent to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia. After years of fearing for his life and living in the squalor of the disease-infested ghetto, he was liberated by the Russians and went to America to start anew. He will introduce the film and take questions afterward. The documentary recently won a Golden REMI award at Worldfest Houston. Tickets are $5 for HMH members, seniors and students and $8 for nonmembers, and seating is limited. To RSVP online, visit www.hmh.org/RegisterEvent.aspx. For more information, e-mail events@hmh.org. 

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Theater
December 11, 2014
6:30 — 8:30 am
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