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Frequently Asked Questions about Holocaust Museum Houston's Butterfly Project

The Museum appreciates the many schools, organizations and individuals – of all ages – who have participated in the project. These frequently asked questions will help guide you as your organization works to complete the project.

  • How many butterflies have you received?
    • We have reached our goal. The Museum has received more than 1.5 million butterflies to date.
  • Is there a deadline for the project?
    • Since we have reached our goal, Holocaust Museum Houston is no longer accepting butterflies for this project. Schools and organizations may continue to teach the lesson plan and organize mini-exhibitions in their own communities.
  • How will the butterflies be exhibited?
    • The exhibition dates and venues have yet to be determined. Please check back for details, which will be announced once confirmed. 
  • What will you do with the butterflies after the project?
    • A committee will be formed to discuss the disposal of the butterflies.  There are no fixed plans at the present time.
  • Can I receive my butterfly back after the exhibition?
    • Butterflies submitted for this project become the property of Holocaust Museum Houston.  We are not able to return butterflies after the exhibition. Because of this issue, some sites prefer to conduct their own project and not send the Museum the butterflies. This is more than acceptable and a wonderful way for communities to continue to teach about the Holocaust and its lessons. You may submit a photograph of the butterflies so that your butterflies are counted as a part of our project.
  • When was this project started? 
    • The Butterfly Project began prior to the Museum's opening in 1996 as a class project under the direction of then-teacher and then-Holocaust Museum Houston Executive Director Susan Myers.
The Butterfly Project

"Children were neither just the mute and traumatized witnesses to this war, nor merely its innocent victims; the war invaded their imaginations and the war raged inside them." 
 — Nicholas Stargardt in "Witnesses of War: Children's Lives Under the Nazis" 

 "I Never Saw Another Butterfly"

Teaching Activities

 Lesson Plan
Frequently Asked Questions

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