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“History, Humanity, Responsibility: You Can Make A Difference”

Holocaust Museum Houston’s new curriculum “History, Humanity, Responsibility: You Can Make A Difference” is designed for churches to use in their study of issues related to social justice, peacemaking and tolerance through the context of the Holocaust. Within the program’s eight sessions, participants will consider the history of the Holocaust and the lessons from that event that are relevant to today.Religious Curriculum

The sessions are designed to be taught in an hour-long classroom situation and can be extended to accommodate a longer time frame. Sessions were written for adult classes and for youth (junior and senior high) classes. The curriculum is designed to be used in large or small group settings. The lesson plans have clear directions for group activities in which students learn by sharing information with each other. All materials needed for teaching the sessions are provided in the curriculum box. All pages can be reproduced for use in the classroom.

Sessions can be used in religious education classes, retreats or with short-term special study programs.

To reserve a “History, Humanity, Responsibility: You Can Make A Difference” curriculum box, call 713-942-8000, ext. 110.

To pick up a box from the Museum, the requesting church leader or Sunday school teacher must present a letter, written on church letterhead and signed by a member of the church staff, stating that this resource is being implemented for the church and that the church will assume liability if the materials are not returned. 

There is a $25 deposit that must be given at the time the box is picked up. The deposit will be returned to the person once the box is returned to the Museum with all materials included. The deposit may be paid by providing a check payable to Holocaust Museum Houston or a credit card that is valid for the entire period in which the box is being checked out. If a box is returned without certain materials, the church or person picking them up may be charged more than the $25 deposit, but no more than $200.

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