Youth and the Law

Through education, Holocaust Museum Houston seeks to broaden minds to promote mutual respect and understanding between young people. The Museum, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Task Force and the Houston Housing Authority, established the Youth and the Law program for at-risk students and gang-affiliated adolescents.

Using the Holocaust as a backdrop, this program teaches participants to recognize the similarities of Nazi behavior to today’s street gangs. It strives to help students acknowledge the destructive nature of their behavior and encourages them to re-evaluate their lifestyle and choices.

Students assigned to the program through the judicial systems are asked to consider:

  • the dangers of racism, hatred and violence;
  • the importance of individual responsibility;
  • the freedom individuals have in making choices; and
  • the consequences for the choices we do make.

The program takes place over three days, with each session lasting two to three hours. All three sessions are designed to be interactive and meaningful. The roles of individuals – as identified in the Holocaust – of victim, perpetrator, rescuer/upstander and bystander are defined. Students are asked to evaluate which role they assume in various situations.

Youth and the Law is a closed program, open only to students assigned to the program through the judicial system.

For more information, contact or call 713-942-8000, ext. 118.

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