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"Photo-series: Professor Landra visits Sachsenhausen" December 19, 1938 Archive Social Democracy, Friedrich Ebert Found In the Country of Numbers, where the men have no names

November 9, 2018 through May 15, 2019
In the Country of Numbers, where the men have no names tells the story of 6,000 Jewish men, most from Berlin, who were imprisoned in Sachsenhausen following the November Pogrom Night known as Kristallnacht. November 9, 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the Progrom Night in 1938 when Nazis went through the streets of Germany and set synagogues on fire, smashed the window fronts of Jewish businesses, attacked Jewish people and vandalized their apartments.Well over 1,300 Jewish women and men were killed during the riots or as a direct consequence of them. Much less attention, however, is given to the over 27,000 Jewish men throughout Germany who were arrested after the riots and taken to concentration camps. These mass arrests were intended to dramatically escalate pressure on German Jews to leave the country. The Gestapo targeted young and middle-aged Jewish men, and once in the camp, they were subjected to much harsher treatment and singled out for SS terror and abuse. Over 80 perished in Sachsenhausen, the rest were released by the spring of 1939 on condition they would leave Germany immediately.

Westchester Academy for International Studies students “talk” with Bill Morgan Dimensions in Testimony

January 12, 2019 through April 30, 2019
USC Shoah Foundation’s Dimensions in Testimony exhibition, featuring Houston-area Holocaust survivor William J. “Bill” Morgan, allows visitors to have “virtual conversations” with Holocaust survivors by asking questions of their high-definition projections who then answer in real time via pre-recorded video images. Bill Morgan, now 93 years old, is a survivor of the Stanislawow Ghetto. After obtaining a birth certificate from a Polish Christian, Bill escaped the ghetto and found work as a farmhand in Jezierzany, Ukraine. In 1944, he was drafted into the Russian army and was sent to the frontline. He deserted the army and went back to the farm where he worked until his liberation at the end of the war in 1945.

Piotr Mlodozeniec, Poland. Exhibition Coexistence initiated and created by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. Coexistence

May 2, 2019 through May 30, 2019
Holocaust Museum Houston is proud to present the return of Coexistence, an unique and thought provoking giant outdoor art exhibition in Hermann Park along Fannin Street from May 2 to May 30, 2019. Coexistence is free and open to the public during Park hours. First presented by HMH in 2006, the new and expanded Coexistence will feature 45 panels of large scale works, measuring 9 feet high and 15 feet wide, that represent a wide range of concepts and issues that affect human relations and norms of behavior living side by side in the global village that is our 21st century world.

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