Elementary School Trunk

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. All materials are contained within one trunk.

Student Materials
Class Sets:
  • 25 Apt. 3
  • 25 For the Love of the Game
  • 25 What if the Zebras Lost Their Stripes

Individual Books:

  • A Book of Friends
  • Butterfly House
  • Elizabeth
  • Family Pictures
  • The Rainbow Tulip
  • Just A Little Different
  • Yo! Yes?

Posters: Acceptance, Compassion

Video: Winnie The Pooh: Making Friends

3rd Grade & 4th Grade
Class Sets:
  • 25 Journey to Ellis Island
  • 25 The Story of Ruby Bridges

Individual Books:

  • A Family Apart
  • Fly Away Home
  • Iggies House
  • Muskrat Will be Swimming
  • Seven Brave Women
  • The Keeping Quilt
  • Sneetches
  • Who Belongs Here?

Posters: Stand Up, We Are All One Race

Videos: Charlotte’s Web, Tarzan

5th Grade
Class Sets:
  • 25 Four Perfect Pebbles
  • 25 I Never Saw Another Butterfly
  • 25 Terrible Things
  • 25 Number the Stars

Individual Books:

  • Baseball Saved Us
  • Hilde and Eli
  • Lily’s Crossing
  • Promise of a New Spring
  • Puppe’s Story
  • Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes
  • The Children We Remember
  • The Feather-Bed Journey
  • The Night Crossing
  • When the Soldiers Were Gone

Posters: Doing what is Right, One World

Video:The Color of Friendship

CD: Air Guitar

Teacher Materials


  • Holocaust Museum Houston Teaching Curriculum.
  • Number the Stars Curriculum
  • Starting Small
  • Teaching for a Tolerant World
  • Tell Them We Remember
  • What do you Stand For?
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